Trust Reservations has special rates at most major hotels due to the volume of bookings placed (on an annual basis) with major hotel chains, private hotel groups and individual hotels. The service is free of charge to you as Trust Reservations' fees are paid by the hotels. It is not unusual to book accommodation which will show you a saving of 20-30% off the hotels published rates. We have achieved 24-hour delegate rates from £58.50 to £100 in the North of England in 4 star hotels and £85 to £125 in 4/5 star hotels in the South. 90% of the time these rates will include most room hire. Our expertise includes dealing with lower-priced independently owned hotels and University accommodation to accommodate any budget. What do you save? We believe we offer a comprehensive service that will show you, over a year, substantial savings without compromising quality. It is not unusual to save substantial amounts off a hotel's published tariff. We do not publish our rates as they are fluid depending on time of year, hotel availability, whether 24 hour delegate rate, DBB, B&B, room only, or inclusive of meeting rooms and so on. Remember we work for you and as we rely on repeat business we must ensure that you are satisfied with our service and with the savings we will produce for you.
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